Political Science

Bachelor of Arts, Department of Political Science

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Program Mission

The mission of the Political Science Program is to combine the energies of students and departmental faculty in pursuit of understanding representative and administrative systems, practices, and aspirations, especially through engagement with professional scholarship. Graduates in political science will have learned foundational theories, practical processes, and an appreciation of varied cultures. The curriculum offers a broad reach across subdisciplines, preparing students for many available career options.

Degree Objectives

  • Employ the principles of discovery learning in developing an understanding of both the foundational concepts of systems of government and the theoretical concepts that animate contemporary public affairs.
  • Create a balanced perspective among the subdisciplines within political science.
  • Empower students to integrate lessons learned in other disciplines with those framed in political science.
  • Prepare students for an effective transition, after graduation, to either career employment or graduate studies.


Nathan Orlando, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Chair
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Other Department Offerings

  • Minor in Political Science
  • Minor/Concentration in Pre-Law
  • Minor in Economics and Politics