Bachelor of Arts, Department of Psychological Sciences

Dr. Amy Posey in discussion with Psychology students

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Program Mission

The mission of the Psychology Program is to offer students opportunities for enriching their scientific understanding of cognition, emotion, and behavior through collaboration with faculty in research projects, as well as applying their understanding through serving the needs of the local community. Through the dual educational tasks of discovery and application, students become prepared to meet interpersonal challenges and promote the common welfare in an increasingly multicultural society.

Degree Objectives

  • Acquire scientific habits through core courses and research seminars
  • Develop professional skills through applied courses and service experiences
  • Foster an integrated understanding of the principles governing human and animal behavior, a practical application of knowledge for addressing individual and social problems, an enlightened professional responsibility for the welfare of others, and respect for human diversity.


Amy J. Posey, Ph.D.
Professor/Department Chair
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